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Kazan State Institute of Culture invites for postgraduate studies and postgraduate training
For many years the Kazan State Institute of Culture has been the leading Russian scientific center for researching the fundamental problems of the development of world culture, national cultures of the peoples of the Volga region, library science, social and cultural activities, folklore, theatrical, musical, choreographic and visual arts.

The Institute implements four programs for training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school and four programs for training teachers and creative workers of higher qualifications in an assistant-internship.

Areas of training in graduate school:

42.06.01 "Mass media and information and librarianship"
Training profile: "Documentary, Records Management and Archival Science"

44.06.01 "Education and Pedagogical Sciences"
Training profile: "Theory, methodology and organization of social and cultural activities"
Training profile: "General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education"

50.06.01 "Art Criticism"
Training profile: "Theory and history of art"

51.06.01 "Culturology"
Training profile: "Theory and history of culture"
Training profile: "Library Science, Bibliography and Bibliology"

Directions of training in an assistant-internship:

52.09.02 "Acting (by type)"
Type: "Acting in Drama Theater and cinema"

52.09.03 "Stage speech"

52.09.05 "The art of theater direction (by type)"
Type: "The Art of Theater Directing in a Drama Theater"

53.09.02 "The art of vocal performance (by type)"
Type: "Folk singing"

It is possible to study in full-time and part-time forms.

For any questions please contact:

For detailed information on the deadlines and rules for admission to graduate school:


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